The Money Basics playlist includes nine interactive courses covering financial essentials like Checking Accounts, Budgeting, Savings, and Taxes..

The Planning and Savings playlist includes nine interactive courses covering topics such as Emergency Savings, Investments, Paying for College, and Retirement Planning.

Courses range from three to seven minutes in length but you can go at your own pace. And because they’re interactive, you can stop, start, and repeat as you like. completed, you’ll see a checkmark next to each course.

Planning and Savings Playlist:

  • How and Why to Build Emergency Savings
  • Why Estate Planning is Important
  • How to Pay for Higher Education
  • Investment Options and Developing a Strategy
  • How to Choose Insurance That Works for You
  • Retirement 101
  • When to Collect Social Security
  • How 529 (Education) Savings Plans Work
  • The Basics of Investing with Options